Church Planting

Through Furlough Replacement

A Solution Although furlough replacement is not new, it is greatly misunderstood. The goal for the furlough replacement missionary is to step into another missionary’s ministry and continue in his vision, methods, and priorities. Differences in style are unavoidable, but they must not detract from that continuity. This requires a degree of flexibility and humility to assume, what is in essence the role of assistant pastor in the permanent missionary’s absence. At the same time, the furlough replacement missionary must have extensive experience as a pastor in order to lead biblically, avoid pitfalls, and continue the discipling and national pastor training process. He must also have energy and a natural God-given love for those to whom he ministers. We want to reverse the norm of missionaries returning to the field to find that they have lost years of work. Rather, we desire to present returning missionaries with a stronger church than that which they left. It has been, and can be, done. Statistics show that when left with a comptent, experienced replacement, church plants almost always continue to grow in size and depth in the absence of the the missionary. This is the work to which God has called us—church planting through furlough replacement.

Jim & Myra Wright